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Kageyama’s facial expressions (≖‿≖✿)

kagehina + quotes


When you find out a mutual follow has lots of followers


Pros and cons of childhood friend


I’ve always wanted to paint an aquarium scene~ _( `◟ 、_ )ノシ



Fisherman Rin didn’t actually intend to befriend giant merman Sousuke…

(Sorry these are all messy b/w sketches, I know color is much more exciting, but I just don’t have enough time to devote to it!  Stupid work!)

*sits here*

I just noticed Sousuke’s whale shark tail and now I’m imagining Rin noticing it and then I remembered whale shark mouths and I want rin commenting on that like

"Ah it suits you. Gentle giant and all that. But don’t those have huge mouths?"

And sousuke biting/sucking down on Rin’s arm like not even in a sexual or seductive way it’s just him playfully going om nomnomnom and drooling on rin